Financial Training App

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Type of Software: Mobile
Project Budget: 10,000 - 15,000 USD
Project Category: Tools & Utilities
Industries: Other
Users: Internet Users, Logged In Users
Technologies: Android, IOS
What is the proposed software supposed to do?

The Trading Learning App is designed to let the user learn smarter ways of trading. As well as, it opens the door to Mobility Trading options.


Some of the features include:

  1. The app gathers real time data from market with the help of Yahoo Finance stocks prices, and helps the user to learn trading by providing the feature of buying and selling virtually.
  2. This app is a complete financial solution that enables to manage users' investment portfolio, and keeps record of each second's account of the shares..
  3. The application offers easy searches, sorting and filtration that helps in simplifying trade learning activity.
  4. It represents the stock market data graphically, using multiple time frames and several technical charting tools. It helps traders in analyzing market trends with a wide selection of popular indicators.


This Application is built on Android and iOS platform.

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