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Type of Software: Web
Project Budget: 25,000 - 30,000 USD
Project Category: Other
Industries: Other
Users: Internet Users, Business Users
Technologies: AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP, NodeJS, Java/JEE
What is the proposed software supposed to do?

We are offering the reservation system (Booking module) integration into your business application. The Reservation System has all the dynamic versatile features required to run business. The Reservation System offers an operational integration between reservations, guest history, reception/ front desk, Sales Ledger, Accounting and Reporting modules. This will also provide various reports for analysis of bookings and performance of various booking entities.


The Reservation system (Booking Module) will provide service to on-line customer, employee, and administrators. Online customers can search, make reservation and change / cancel an existing reservation. Administrators can add/update booking information, approve/disapprove bookings and generate various reports like a occupancy reports etc.

The key features of reservation systems are as listed below:

  1. The booking form that gives instant feedback on tentative and existing booking conflicts. Booking confirmations would be emailed to customers, administrators, managers etc. and saved in the database.
  2. Approved bookings are published as iCal files and can be integrated to various calendar applications.
  3. Email confirmation of booking application
  4. Gives the privilege to update/cancel the bookings
  5. Payment for bookings
  6. Reports for bookings

The scope and style of Booking module varies widely based on the scope of the application. The complexity of integration usually depends on the systems to be integrated with

Our budget proposal in this offer is based on the most common use cases. We are assuming the integrations with basic to medium complexity.

Please specify your actual requirements to get an exact estimate for the type of integration required for your application.

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