Business Directory Or An Association Directory

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Type of Software: Mobile
Project Budget: 5,000 - 10,000 USD
Project Category: Tools & Utilities
Industries: Other
Users: Any Closed Group Or Community. For E.g. Business Clubs Like Rotary Club, A House/Flat Owners Association.
Technologies: React Native, Firebase
What is the proposed software supposed to do?

This app makes the communication easy between the members. Data can be easily filtered. Also you don’t have to store all the contact information into the mobile contacts.

Key features / Advantages 

1. Group chat with text messages. This is more like an announcement to the community. But still anybody can reply. No forwarding images or videos supported.

2. Realtime data updates.

3. Verification can be done so that only authorized members can access the data.

4. Since we are using Firebase as the Database the data is 100% secure and private. And after releasing the app we will handover the database operations completely to the cusotmer.

5. You can search a user with his name or company name or using any other keywords he is given. 

6. A simple app for any organisation or community.


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