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Type of Software: Other
Project Budget: 30,000 - 35,000 USD
Project Category: Other
Industries: Technology
Users: End Users To Any Internet Enabled Application
Technologies: Alexa, JavaScript, Java, Python, Voice Integration, AI
What is the proposed software supposed to do?

We are offering Amazon's Alexa integration into your business application. With
Alexa you can voicify the user experience of your software application. We are
highly experienced with integrating the voice experience into complex systems and have helped several clients across the globe achieve their business goals through such integrations.

With Alexa your users will be able to issue voice commands to perform various use cases in your application. We can perform Alexa integration in the following areas:

  1. Home automation - Understand voice commands and interact with various
    devices that are supported by Alexa.
  2. Business applications - Convert business use cases to voice activated
    functions. For example, "check my account balance" use case in a banking
    application can now be a voice activated use case with Alexa.
  3. E-Commerce applications - Place online orders through voice integration.
  4. Music applications - Play your favorite music through Alexa.
  5. Communication applications - Alexa can be integrated into any kind of
    messaging application to enable delivery, receipt and reading of messages.

The complexity of integration usually depends on the devices/use cases that have to be voice enabled.

Our budget proposal in this offer is based on the most common
use cases to enable up to 10 voice commands in any application. We are assuming the integrations with basic to medium complexity.

Please specify your actual requirements to get an exact estimate for the type of
integration required for your application.

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