SellOSelf - Sales & Strategic Website

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Type of Software: Web
Project Budget: 10,000 - 15,000 USD
Project Category: Marketing & Advertising
Industries: Other
Users: Mentors, Trainer, Corporate Trainers, Sales & Marketing Professionals
Technologies: CMS, Angular, PHP
What is the proposed software supposed to do?

If you are a mentors or Trainer in a sales and marketing sector, the Sales website will help you post your online webinar mentoring sessions where the user will be able to provide a webinar link which can help him get maximize the visitors for his website. At the same time he can improvise his marketing approaches in a unique way.

Kasi Technologies, SellOSelf - Sales & Strategic Website will help to build a unique approach to see your ideas, and boost your marketing techniques. This is certainly help people, who will guide the startup firm to utilize the sales and marketing techniques presented over a webinar sessions of experienced professionals.

The key feature of this website will be that the end user can initiate a new session whenever he wants to start from the respective access location. This will certainly help the visitor count of the website. 

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